Foundation PRO

If you want to become licensed quickly, here is why you should utilize Foundation Pro:

Foundation Pro, spearheaded by Licensing Strategist Caleb Hylton and our team of seasoned PLT Instructors, distills over 80 years of expertise into a streamlined process aimed at propelling you towards exam success in as little as 3-7 days.

Be ready to sit for the Insurance Exam in as little as 7 days!

Here's what Foundation Pro offers:

Personal Coach
  • Enhanced Learning: Building on Foundation Plus, Foundation Pro equips you with more comprehensive resources to ace your exam.
  • Accelerator Calls: Engage in focused calls with the PLT team to boost your understanding and clear any doubts about any part of the Insurance material
  • Daily Accountability: Stay motivated with daily reminders sent directly to your inbox and phone.
  • FREE Essential Guidebook: Access our exclusive Life and Health Definitions Guide Ebook, packed with must-know concepts.

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Personal Coach provide's prospective licensees with a truley optomized online training experience utilizing textbooks, audio, exams and video. You can now attend a licensing lecture class anytime 24/7 from any location in the nation!

Our online programs include a combination of streaming video classroom instruction, textbook material, hundreds of practice examination questions that include the correct rationale and tips. In addition to our study course, we offer a virtual online practice testing center called StudyHall. You are able to access over 1,000 updated test questions that may be taking in a final exam or specific study area quizzes. You will be able to simulate your State exam in the same timed format and practice practice practice.

Our company has over a decade of experience providing insurance pre-licensing classes and has helped over 100,000 individuals obtain their insurance licenses. We offer the highest quality study material at the lowest cost.